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The globalization of Sports has moved the focus of law towards its regulation, with India as no exception. Sports at one point of history was a form of recreation, but the increasing amount of status and finances attached to it, sports is now a well-developed profession. In this scenario, a need is felt to regulate the area with law and to eradicate the grey areas. Even the United Nations in its resolution in 2003, has recognized sports as a means to promote education, health, development and peace and therefore, State through law should have an interest in sport-related issues. Moreover, commercial exploitation of this indulgence has paved way to the creation of numerous sporting events or games, in the frame and form of Franchises, Endorsements, Public Appearances, including but not limited to Branding, Image-Building, etc. This wide-spread growth in sporting activities makes its regulation and governance all the more important.

The term 'Sports Law' is non-existential in the expressions of legal terminology. The area is looked in through the lens of various applicable laws like, Civil, Criminal and Commercial. The need for this approach is required because of increase in various illegal and unethical practices that are committed by persons, companies, corporations engaged in sports events, including match fixing, use and abuse of drugs, sexual abuse etc. Moreover, the sprouting Sports Management Companies with their own set of contractual obligations has given rise to enforceability, jurisdiction and extend of validity. The increase of commercialization of Sports, has thus invoked the questions of Competition Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, Contract Laws etc. Hence, the objective of this call for papers is thus, to highlight, discuss, review critical areas of sports law, nationally as well internationally.

Call for Papers

We are avid to inform you that, University Institute of Laws, Panjab University Regional Centre, Ludhiana is in process to publish a book on the theme ' Changing Dimensions of Sport Laws: Some Contemporary Issues' with the sub themes mentioned as follows:

The Themes and sub-themes of the seminar are as follows:


  • Contract Management by Sports Management Companies
  • Branding & Image Rights of Sportspersons
  • Recent Trends in insurance and Risk Management in Sports Events
  • The Third Empire in Sports Dispute Resolution: Arbitration Tribunals and Courts Jurisdiction
  • Private Sports Competition Events, Leagues: Challenges & Issues
  • Endorsement Rights and Contractual Liabilities
  • Minors in Sports Contracts
  • Sports, Media Rights, Licensing & Dealing with Privacy
  • Marketing: Creating & Managing Data & Sports Marketing Agreements
  • Contractual liabilities vis a vis sports commentators, experts


  • Match Fixing, Gambling & Betting
  • Criminal Law & Spot-fixing
  • International Cricket Council's Anti-Corruption Code
  • Protection of Players
  • Child Players and their protection under criminal laws in India
  • Concussion: Second Impact Syndrome
  • Violence in Sports
  • Corruption in selections, providing media rights, finalizing commentators and the like issues


  • Intellectual Property & Media Rights
  • Sports, Trade Mark Law & Intellectual Property Rights
  • Competition Law & Sports
  • Team Owners & Intellectual Property
  • Olympic Games & Intellectual Property
  • Indian Premier League: Judicial Approach and Case Studies
  • Data Protection & Sports Law


  • Doping & Unethical Practices in Sports
  • Equality & Discrimination in Sports
  • Gender Issues in Sports
  • Sexual Harassment Issues in Sports
  • Sports Law & Differently Abled Persons
  • Match Fixing
  • Global Politics & Sports Law
  • Education: Training Next Generation of Sports Lawyers
  • Sports Psychology & Sports Law
  • Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy & Sports Law
  • Sports Governing Bodies in India & Sports Law
  • Sports & Technology
  • Corruption in Sports & Law


Guidelines for the Authors

The general guidelines for the author(s) are:

1. Co- authorship is allowed till one author only.

2. All the papers will undergo peer review and the decision of the editors of the book shall be final.

3. Authors should not mention their name or any kind of identification mark in the manuscript. A separate file regarding the information of the author shall be sent which should include- Name, Designation, Email, Contact Information, Address and brief CV of both the authors in case of co- authorship.

4. Article must be original which must be written solely by the Author(s) in English, and should not have been submitted for publication elsewhere.

5. Submission should also mandatorily include an abstract ranging from 200- 300 words. The abstracts should not be submitted separately. The abstract should form part of the manuscript in the beginning. The Abstract should be followed by 5- 7 keywords.

6. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Your paper shall go through plagiarism test (URKUND). Any paper found with plagiarism above 50% shall be immediately rejected.

7. Word Limit for the Article/ Research Paper shall be of 4000- 7000 words, Book Reviews 1500- 2000 words.

8. All submissions have to be made in MS Word format in Times New Roman with Font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing.

It is highly advised to add Footnotes only. Bluebook Ed. 19 shall be used for all footnotes. Authors are advised to footnote the manuscript using the combination of " Ctrl + Alt+ F" keys or by using the Reference menu in the Microsoft Word, with font size 10, Times New Roman Font and no line spacing

9. It is the author's responsibility to ensure that the references and citations are correct, and the submissions do not contain any material that infringes the copyright or is defamatory obscene or otherwise unlawful or litigious.

10. The copyright of the manuscript will vest with the publisher after the submission is made unless and until rejected by the Editorial Board and mail to the author(s) are sent. If accepted the publisher has the right to publish the manuscript submitted by the author(s) on its own website, partner website(s) and/ or all Indexing Services credits will be given to the author(s).

Important dates:

Last date to send the complete paper: May 31, 2020


Prof. Aman A. Cheema 

 Dr. Ashish Virk

Dr. Pooja Sikka

UIL, PURC, Ludhiana- 141001
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